"Life's about taking hurdles"

"Do you want to eat an elephant? Take small bites, so you do not choke." This is one of advices Developminds gives to people who experience an inbalanced work and/or social life, to employees who lack the motivation their work needs and to organizations who need a peptalk.

By the name Developmind, Joost Nauta gives lectures, workshops and coaching to organizations and individuals. Developmind inspires people to turn obstacles into opportunities and to focus on what they find really important. Joost Nauta has a spinal musculaire disease (SMA) which restricts him in all his daily activities. Because of his disease Joost Nauta has learned to discover things he can do. By thinking outside the box and thanks to a lot of perspective, he overcomes the obstacles that come his way. With this attitude towards life Joost has come further than anyone had ever anticipated.